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Trend Alert: Rose Gold Hair

11th Mar 2020

Trend Alert: Rose Gold Hair

Trend Alert: Rose Gold Hair

Oh Rose Gold Hair, how we love thee. This trend has been making its mark for quite some time and if we’re honest, we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. The beauty of this hue is that it’s versatile and suits almost anyone. A softer, more robust version of the candy pink colour that’s been so popular in recent years, this colour is a definite must try for blondes, brunettes and those with long and short locks.

The best bit? It’s a stand out colour that you can change instantly without ruining your hair! Once you’re done, just mosey on down to the salon and they can strip the tint right out meaning you’re left with your original colour in fine form.

Here are a few of our favourite Rose Gold looks to date.

Short and Choppy


Long and Luscious


Balayage Babe


Rose Gold Hair Care

As with all good hair, maintenance is KEY. Unfortunately those rosy locks won’t shine without a bevy of carefully selected products. We know, we know, it’s not fair that this isn’t a natural shade but fear not rose gold loving lady, we have the best selection of products to keep those strands sparkling.

Delorenzo Novafusion Shampoo - Rose Gold

Designed for rose gold hair to revive and add highlights, Novafusion is perfect to enhance your look! With a rich formula containing native plant extracts including kakadu plum and rooibos, birch and willowbark extracts for soft, shiny hair, the NovaFusion Shampoo delivers colour fade control and, with its UV inhibitors and botanical extracts, it enhances your hair colour while conditioning it at the same time.

With a delicate lavender rose tea fragrance, your rosy hair will be shiny and protected for longer.

Nak Colour Mask Coloured Conditioner VINTAGE ROSE

This lovely product will pack a punch and is designed to colour hair with ease. Perfect to maintain that rose hue in between salon visits. All you’ll need to do is apply, leave, rinse and enjoy the colour!

Juuce Love Dusky Rose

The Juuce Love Dusky Rose treatment is an absolute MUST have for rosy ladies. Enjoy instant hair colour plus a nourishing treatment which will create a beautiful pastel dusky pink hue to blonde hair. On darker hair it will create soft hues of a rose colour.

Matrix Biolage Colourlast Shine Shake

Enriched with Orchid Flower extract, the Matrix Biolage ColorLast Shine Shake is a dual phase conditioning spray which works to preserve the vibrancy of your colour treated hair. It protects the three dimensions of colour: depth, tone and shine to ensure your hair feels salon fresh for longer.

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment

The first of many ELEVEN Australia products, MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT delivers ELEVEN benefits your hair will LOVE. It’s a must have for all coloured hair, trust us. The benefits are endless and include:

1. Adds shine, smoothness and softness

2. Controls frizz and flyaways

3. Moisturises

4. Strengthens fragile hair

5. Prevents split ends

6. Detangles and create manageability

7. Protects against heat styling

8. Enhances natural body

9. Repairs dry damaged hair

10 Protects hair colour with UVA and UVB filters

11. Prevents chlorine and sun damage

So tell us, have you rocked Rose Gold yet?