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How to Get The Perfect Summer Tan

11th Mar 2020

How to Get The Perfect Summer Tan

Ladies (and fellas), it’s that time of year again. The party season is upon us and with it comes the mad flurry to get your body silly season ready. We don’t know about you but a ‘tan’ adds instant bod-cred to any frock. There is an art to creating the perfect summer tan and today, we’re going to give you all the tips to get that hue on point. Follow these steps and there won’t be a streak or dark orange knee in sight.

Step 1: Choose The Right Product

If you’re after a professional home tan, you really can’t go past St Tropez self tan products. These have been designed to glide on seamlessly and dry flawlessly.

If you have oily or normal skin, a mousse is what you’re after. Mousse is SO easy to apply and it dries almost instantly.

For dry or sensitive skin, choose a lotion instead. This will add moisture and tan at the same time. WINNING!

The most important step, choose the right shade! If you have fair skin and you want a medium tan, don’t choose a dark shade. This will look all sorts of wrong. Stick to a base colour.

For dark skin of course, choose a dark shade.

Step 2: Thou Shalt Always Prep

The difference between a stunning tan and a patchy tan all comes down to the preparation. If you plan to wax or shave prior to tanning, do it at least 24 hours prior to application. This will ensure those pores are well and truly closed before you begin.

Exfoliation is KEY. We suggest exfoliating every second day in the lead up to your tan. Follow it up with a liberal amount of body cream to keep that skin supple and soft. Pay particular attention to your elbows, knees, ankles and feet as these areas generally need a bit more love.

Step 3: Application

Now, don’t get nervous. If you’ve selected the right product and prepared thoroughly, you have nothing to fear.

  1. If your tan comes with an applicator mitt or glove - use it. This will protect your palms from the dreaded orange hue. If you don’t have one handy, use a latex glove.
  2. When you’re applying your tan, make sure you do so in methodical sweeps. Don’t worry if you go over the same area twice, patches will only show if you miss a bit.
  3. Don’t rub your tan after you’ve applied it, let it dry. This may remove your gentle application and result in a patchy look.
  4. Check the instructions for a definitive answer on how long you’ll need to wait before showering.
  5. If you’re after a deeper tan, simply repeat the above steps again in a day or two.

Step 4: Look After Your Tan

If you want to keep your glow looking all sorts of wonderful for longer, make sure you moisturize daily. Refrain from exfoliating as this will scrub your colour off.

Last but not least, enjoy the party season!