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Captain Fawcett 'Super' Badger Shaving Brush Captain Fawcett’s traditional 'Super' badger shaving brush will produce a luxuriant, rich & voluminous lather enabling the closest of wet shaves. The Captain's favoured 'Super' badger hair shaving brush...

Captain Fawcett 'Super' Badger Shaving Brush

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Jack Dean Fade Brush For the perfect fade. Extra-soft bristles gently remove cut hair allowing the barber or stylist to check for imperfections. Classic Denman tear-drop handle for comfortable grip and control.

Denman Jack Dean Fade Brush

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The Pompadour Comb is effective for creating the perfect lines in the hair to achieve the pompadour style - a strong, classic look in male grooming. High quality comb with 8 widely-spaced teeth Comfortable grip makes the comb easy to hold Perfect for...

Jack Dean Pompadour Comb

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